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I was just thinking about you and your program, I told another friend of mine about the program for step 3, they did not match and they are looking to strengthen their application for next year. Hopefully they are able to get some awesome help, just like I did. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that this year, I Matched! I get to go to my 1st choice, the family medicine residency in Albany, GA! I had 8 interviews this year, and nearly everyone commented on my test scores, they were impressed by the large gap up in my step 2 score (201 to 231), and so I got the chance to explain that it was all due to the work I did at the USMLEagle program.

S. Daniel, MD

Just found out I passed Step 2 CK with a 229!! Wow! My journey through the USMLE has not been easy but with the help of USMLEAGLE I can finally say that all the hard work and struggles were worth it. Dr. Nguyen, the tutors and staff helped solidify the information in such a way where on test day I was on automatic pilot. I knew that if I just stick to the method and believe in my preparation with Eagle that I would do well. Dr. N helped calm my nerves the day before my exam and gave me reassurance that I was well prepared. She was right! Thank you to Dr. N, the tutors and the entire staff for all your help with both Step 1 and Step 2 CK. Thank you for bringing out the best in me on test day! Thank you so much!

K. Porciuncula, UST

I have always heard the term, “knowing is half the battle.” In preparing for the USMLE Step 1 this could not have been more accurate!! After attempting and failing, I sought the advice of a mentor, friend and colleague who recommended USMLEagle. I had already made up my mind that I was not willing to go any further but decided to give this program a chance. My mentor said if you don’t pass with USMLEagle then just forget about it. I thought to myself, with such confidence in the program it must be fool proof. Let me tell you it was the best decision ever. The program fitted perfectly with my personality. It is dynamic, ever changing, challenging and focused on treating each student as the individual he or she is. This program ensures that you understand the nature of the exam and the material associated with the exam, not just give endless information, but separates out what we need and how to apply. In my opinion having tried other programs, I got the best deal and USMLEagle is comparable to none!!! Even after freezing up in the exam I still scored above 200. Now that is pretty cool!!

A. Browne, AUA

I can surely say from the bottom of my heart that Dr. Nguyen and the tutors of this program have saved my medical career. After struggling with studying on my own, I decided to give myself a chance and try something different. I definitely regret not have coming here sooner. Their personalized approach and tutoring gave me the tools and mindset I needed to attack these tests. Hard work, consistency, discipline, and humbleness to listen was the key to my success. Step 1 was a big stepping stone, but we conquered it and the Step 1 preparation helped a lot in preparing for Step 2. I came back and worked for Cs and today I can say we did it! Thank you to Dr. N, the staff and tutors for helping me through this. It has been a pleasure and I definitely plan on coming back for Step 3! 

Jose Bird

People often ask “Why USMLEagle?” Sadly, responding “They helped me finally pass Step 1 and Step 2CK (first time).” doesn’t adequately communicate Dr. Nguyen’s commitment to students or how crucial they were to my success. I worked with the programs 4 tutors on understanding the material, implementing it while taking questions and also test taking strategies. During the Psychiatry rotation I had an opportunity to meet a very successful lawyer, under continuing treatment for schizophrenia. Seeing how the medications, counseling, and support system made it possible for her to live a full life was very gratifying and reminiscent of my own struggles with dyslexia. It reminded me of how getting the proper help at USMLEagle reopened the door to practicing medicine. Without assistance from those willing to invest themselves in our success we would have been written-off and never had an opportunity to reach our full potential. Their energy, passion, enthusiasm, compassion, and integrity plus your own hard work is a recipe for success. I lack the skill with words to adequately express the gratitude of having been referred to Dr. Nguyen’s program.

I. Hammonds

The only regret I have concerning USMLEagle is that I didn’t attend sooner. USMLEagle had a variety of events in the schedule that really helped me master the material I knew and fill in gaps in my knowledge. The drill sessions, tutoring, and lectures helped lower my anxiety. One of my favorite parts of the program is “concepts” which was essentially all of the key points to an organ module explained concisely enough to fit on one sheet of white printer paper. Since passing Step 1 and starting my clerkships, my professors and fellow students have noticed a change in my confidence level and knowledge level, which I have to give credit to the staff at USMLEagle for bringing out in me.

J. Corley, UAB School of Medicine

USMLEagle was an excellent decision for me. I knew that I would have more anxiety about finding the best way to study and prepare for Step 1 on my own. Eagle helped to build my confidence by making me simulate test day numerous times before my exam date. They also taught me tricks and memorization tools I would not have come up with on my own! Drills were super helpful, and tutors gave me great advice about how to tackle testing stress and difficult concepts. I set a score goal for myself that I was unsure I could reach, and Eagle helped me pass that goal by 16 points!

K. Rainey, UAB School of Medicine

Coming to USMLEagle prep helped me narrow down my strategic approach on answering questions. I had the chance to work with a personal tutor. Dr. Nguyen’s approach to learning the materials, individualized schedule and concurrent evaluations to revising my basic concepts were very helpful. I passed my Step 2CK. Thank you Dr. Nguyen. I appreciate it.

P. Edemekong, Windsor University School of Medicine

Being a recent graduate (IMG) I struggled with my basic sciences information. I had a whole bunch of materials to assimilate didn't know where to start from or end. Nothing made sense. I definitely know I needed help. Then I tried USMLEagle Prep. The drill sessions are fun, the lectures are interesting, the notes are perfect. USMLEagle prep made it easy for me!!! I passed my step one (227) Glad to know I could do well on an exam I thought was pretty difficult to pass. Thanks to USMLEagle. Keep it up!!!

O. Abaribe, Lugansk state Medical University Ukraine Graduate

I took two years off from medical school and had forgot everything. I found Dr. Nguyen by chance, and it was one of the best things ever happening to me. I relearned medicine the right way, learned to work with the material in an organized fashion, and I built up my confidence. In addition, I was able to retain my knowledge after my step exam, and was able to return to the program and effectively tutor other students and help them pass their exam. Before I embarked on the tutoring pathway I took a newly released NBME and received a solid score even after being out of practice with the material. This program is highly effective, and if you put in the work, you will succeed. All the tools are available here - it's just a matter of utilizing them to their fullest potential.

S. Lee, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine

Hello Dr. Nguyen, my step 1 report is here on step1 (219). I was very happy with my score. Thank you for all your help. Your program offered more than what is expected of a review course. The Eagle team helped me so much to get this score. Thank you for the letter that was so encouraging and kept me calm during the exam. Please forward my gratitude to your team as well as Elvis (Albus) and GenChu(spellin’..:). I look forward to working with you and your team for step 2. Your program is amazing! I’ll share my experience with friends from school.

S. Aberra, Saint Eustatius School of Medicine

I just wanted to let you all know that I received my score for step 2CK (226/99). You guys are doing a wonderful job, so many high marks!!! Thank you so much.

N. Jalota, Windsor School of Medicine

I just wanted to report my score of 220 on step 2CK.This was my first attempt and unlike my previous struggles with standardized exams this was a very fun and exciting experience. You guys revitalized the whole testing experience and learning medicine.

M. Fecowycz, HMI, Poland

I just got my score report. I Passed!!! I just wanted to thank you guys for all you did for me. Your advice was a calming factor pulling me through the exam.

M. O’Meara, Florida State University College of Medicine

Dr. Nguyen’s sincerity is unmatched! She is completely dedicated to the success of her students. I would not have been able to score of 215 on Step 2CK and a score of 218 on step 3 without the guidance of Dr. Nguyen, Mr. Bechtold, Dr. Patel and the rest of the Eagle Team. Standard exam fear is a thing of the past. Once dealing with the problem at hand, you can move forward a warp speed. I am now an Internal Medicine Resident (PGY-1) in Chicago. Thank you so much! I learned so much from the lectures, drills, and one on one tutor sessions. I look forward to returning soon as a tutor/class instructor!

B. Adeniyi, Ross University School of Medicine

Thank you for your advice and last minute tips. My final score was on step2CK 99/236!!! I look forward to seeing you for step 3.

M. McClanahan, American University of Antigua

Thank you Dr. Nguyen for helping me achieve my goal of 99 on Step 2CK. I had been studying for a good 6 weeks prior to going to USMLEAGLE. I was doing ok on USMLE world and new if I took the test I would pass with a 75-80 but could not get above that mark no matter how much I studied. A very good friend of mine heard about the program from 2 previous students who had scored 97 and 98 on step 2CK, and we both decided we wanted to do this program. Dr. Nguyen was very nice in accommodating us last minute and facilitated our transition to Davenport. The staff was so welcoming that I knew I was in the right place on the first day. The first day of the program we were given a NBME exam to determine our level of knowledge. That’s what’s so good about the program…it’s tailored to your needs and she creates a curriculum that meets you where you are in your knowledge base. She met with each student individually to talk to them about their score and create a plan for them. I scored a 450 on my first NBME and she told me I was ready to take the test, so wanted to know why I was here. I told her that I did “ok” on step 1 and was shooting for at least a 95 for step 2ck to increase my chances of getting into residency. She responded “I can get you to a 99″. She created a 6 week study plan for me which included taking NBME exams periodically to monitor my improvement. By the 5th week I went from a 440 on NBME#1 (the easiest NBME) to a 560 on NBME #4 (the hardest NBME). That was a 120 point increase. I took my exam as planned and scored a 99….incredible…I am so grateful to you because I got so much interview invitations after the programs received my score. So again thank you Dr. Nguyen…this program is awesome… and I will be coming back for step 3.

N. Dadou, Ross University School of Medicine

Dr. Nguyen (Sensei) taught me i can get “whatever I like”, so I got a 98/235 on step 1 and 95/230 on step2CK. No other teacher cares more for their students then Sensei. When it comes to taking these tests she teaches you to the essentials. Now I’m moving on to bigger and better things. Thanks Sensei!!!

Suleiman Matto, Ross University School of Medicine

After struggling with step 1, I came to Dr. Nguyen for Step 2CK. I was nervous when the course began because of previous struggles. She structures information in a way where you have no option but to succeed and it’s fun. By the time I took my test, I was excited the morning of test day. All of my nervousness was gone and I got an 89. THANK YOU Dr. Nguyen!!!

Amar Patel, University of St. Eustasius

Thanks for all your help for the past few months of education, preparation, testing, drilling, and confidence boosting. It definitely paid off and was well worth every penny, second, and trip to Applebee’s. Thank you again, for words can’t even describe the overwhelming feeling of joy that came over me when I saw my score report. I passed with 88/211.

Vijay Devireddy, HMI-Polland

Dr. Nguyen and the entire staff at USMLE PREP changed my life. Let me repeat: they changed my life! I studied for the USMLE step 1 exam by myself for the longest time, not really getting anywhere and nowhere near the confidence level I needed to even attempt the exam. I ended up attending the course after a few phone conversations with Dr. Nguyen, and she alleviated all my fears and told me to trust her. I’m glad I listened! Dr. Nguyen and the staff saw my potential, never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself, and saw me through my frustrations, tears, and anxiety. I’m happy to report I passed step 1 with an amazing score I still can’t believe (90), and it’s all because of Dr. Nguyen and her staff. Words literally cannot express the gratitude I have for them. I will definitely be coming back for step 2, and step 3!

S. Rangineni, Windsor University SOM

PASSED MY STEP 2 CK WITH A GREAT SCORE (97/224)!!! Dr.Nguyen had helped me pass Step 1, so I knew she wouldn’t let me do any less for my Step 2, and I was right! Needless to say, she knows what she is doing, and she truly wants to see everyone of her students do amazing! I am truly thankful for all direction and guidance USMLE PREP gave me! Thanks again!”

Marie Antonyrah, Ross University School of Medicine

Dear Dr. Nguyen, None of the USMLE exams were either quick or easy for me. Most medical students can complete residencies faster than I can pass my board exams. But with your guidance, the USMLE exam became much more manageable.In a short amount of time, I went from not passing to passing, then to consistently passing NBME’s, then to the highest scores I’ve ever had and finally to taking and passing the real USMLE Step 2CK exam. When I went in to take my Step 2CK exam, I knew I was ready and I expected to pass. And I did!Thank you for all your hours of dedication, hard work, thoughtfulness and care.

Troy Slover, Spartan Health Sciences University

PASSED MY STEP 1 WITH A GOOD SCORE!! This program also has helped me in my preparation for STEP 2. THANKS Dr. Nguyen!!

Raj Patel, HMI- Poland

Coming to the program to review for step 2CK was the best choice possible for me to put this exam behind me. Dr. Nguyen’s method to teaching class followed by drilling the information & doing questions on the previous material covered really helped make it stick in my mind. Thanks to the improvement in my score from when I entered the course to retaking CK, gives me a real chance to match into the specialty I wanted in the place where I want. My score increased 22 points over my previous attempt.

R. Lee, LSU Health Science Center School of Medicine

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in preparing me for my exam. Particularly in meeting with me after hours to work on concepts I had difficulty in. You have an incredible ability to synthesize & make accessible the complicated & staggering amount of info we are expected to know. It’s obvious you have a passion and talent for teaching medicine. I improved over 50 points on my previous attempt at step 1.

Daniel Lamb, Oregon Health & amp; Science University

Well I just wanted to thank so much once again for all of your help and time and patience. With your support and I was able to pass step 1! I passed with 94/226…I hope that’s okay. Thanks again for all your help & getting me through this exam. Take care and always keep smiling.

A. Gunaranathan, Windsor Medical School

I just wanted to say hello and report that I received my score this past Wednesday. I am excited to tell you that I passed with a 85/206. I wanted to thank you for the Pharm drills. To all current students, don’t miss out on the pharm drill it helped raise my score at least 5-10 points by itself. The entire program was great and I would recommend it to anyone preparing for a USMLE exam. Thanks again for everything!

B. Burkam, North Eastern Ohio College of Medicine, USA

It was actually a lot of fun and I am really glad that I went to the program! I know that I will learn a lot and hopefully be able to answer all the questions like ya’ll can! I wanted to tell you THANK YOU so much for helping Azita and I! You were very nice, kind, helpful, and most of all understanding! I really appreciate it and you never gave up on us! Thanks!I also wanted to tell you that I PASSED!) YEAH! I am happy that I passed. So THANKS VERY MUCH!!! Thanks again!

M. San Andres, Texas A & M, USA

I finally received my results today, I passed, thank you for all of your help!! I will let everyone know that you were my tutor, thank you again Dr. Nguyen!!

Azita Safai, Texas A & M, USA

I just wanted to let you know that I got my report back for STEP1. I scored 98/235! Thank you for all your help and encouragement.

S. Matto, Ross University School of Medicine

The Drills sessions really helped me recall the information quicker for my exam. After looking at my score everything that I worked on with my tutor drastically shifted to the right. I am very happy with the knowledge I attained. In working with my tutor I was able to approach the questions in a more organized format. My tutor helped me identify my weaknesses and we focused our attention on getting them to become my “strengths”. This program helped me get the score I wanted and allowed me to move along my career path. Thank you so much for all your help.

R. Bonin, MUA

Guess what?! I PASSED! Ha. I am sooooooo happy. Thank you so much for all your help and for everything. Thanks again for everything and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

C. Lim, Universidad de Guadalajara

It was difficult getting through the process of taking Step 1 on my own and taking Kaplan hadn't helped me. I had also finished Basic Sciences two years ago. The Eagle program lecturers, tutoring, drills, and the environment (other students and facilities) gave me the support I needed every step of the way to get through the process with confidence and finally pass Step 1! I had always struggled with physiology even after reading Kaplan and BRS, Taking the Eagle course helped me see Medicine and the exam in a WHOLE NEW WAY and I rocked physiology on the exam! The way concepts are taught here is so unique! And you are routinely assessed on your progress. I came to the right place and know I'll be a better doctor for it!

Anonymous, AUA

I had 4 months to pass my comp and Step 2 CK in order to graduate in 2014. I was beyond stressed and studying by myself wasn't getting anywhere. Let's just say I was going crazy! I made a decision to go to USMLEagle just by the word of mouth and I made the best decision in the history of my step studying. Within the first week at USMLEagle, I felt very much at home and comfortable knowing how friendly everyone were including Dr. N and the tutors themselves. Everyone were there to help me not only with the study material but they were also a BIG support system that every student needs while studying. The tutor's are extremely Intelligent and were always available to clear ANY type of questions I had. They make the learning process fun! The key though, is to follow the schedule they gave you and believe in it. I did everything they told me to and used their technique while doing questions and I started noticing an improvement in my Qbank's and NBME's which ultimately gave me the confidence to take my comp and then my CK within a month and I am happy to say I passed both with the score I wanted and I did graduate on time! I could't be happier! Thank You Eagle! You guys are the Best!